Buttoned through collars | A woman’s black suit is always in fashion
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A woman’s black suit is always in fashion

A woman’s black suit is always in fashion

As if adjusting the wardrobe to the business environment is not difficult enough and when we do not have to deal with temperatures like those in the Sahara, in these summer days we have to learn how to combine something comfortable that will not be hot, but also need to remain decent and beautiful in the office .

Do you remember the age when men wore these mighty suits like those we can see in the Men of Madison series. The time has come for the business world to be built for men only, while women and girls have reserved the roles of the telephone and secretary. Modern and capable young women like the tidal wave take up the business sphere and bring in a lot of femininity in the strict cuts and silhouettes.

When thinking of a black suit, our thoughts naturally lean on men’s formal suits, but the black suit also came into the repertoire of women’s fashion. A black suit for a woman does not have to be bored or even uniform. In these warm days you could choose what is made of cotton or wool. So long flip-flops or a suit that includes a skirt, of course the decent length that does not fit more than half the thighs.

The sleeveless jacket would be exaggerated and feel comfortable even if the workplace is air-conditioned, so choose a t-shirt that looks like a kick. It should be monochromatic and without exaggerated ornaments. Suits from suits in this summer variant can also be short sleeves or sleeveless laces. You can also play interesting revers. The collar or the one that falls in the folds are an excellent way to spice up this classic business style. However, if your jacket still has an ordinary robe you can lift it all with an interesting scarf or large glitter brooch.

Choosing such an interesting summer black suit will be a good investment because you can carry it in pairs, but at the same time split the pieces. It will be particularly interesting if your suit is three-part, that is if you have a vest that you can wear on the flip-flops, or white or beige.

So run your black suit and do not hesitate to choose something interesting and innovative, perhaps with asymmetrical clasp or bermuda. Put in that quality because you will handle it for a long time. Enjoy the way you play and play it. Even within the strongest structure there are room for maneuvering.

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