Buttoned through collars | A woman’s suit is an absolute hit season – here’s how to handle it
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A woman’s suit is an absolute hit season – here’s how to handle it

A woman’s suit is an absolute hit season – here’s how to handle it

Women’s business fashion has changed over the course of history, but what has kept it through decades since women are present in the business world is a suit as the beginning and the end of all the best business combinations. A miniscule that has been imposed on women by force since the 1940s has kept up to this day. Jackets and pants dictate female business fashion.

Although introduced in the forties of the twentieth century, it dominated the 1980s, which brought many changes. The focus is still on sack or jackets and pants, the cuts have become more complicated, the pants have an ever higher waist with as many front falcons, the jacket is reinforced with double, male clasp, shoulders on the shoulders, deep ribs and often rich texture and patterns. When we think of a woman’s suit, we often have such kind of model variations.

Throughout history, there are models that have always labeled fashion, such as Marlene Dietrich wearing the 1930s in the movie Morocco. On the other hand, in 1966, all fashionable historians and readers are known for the cult Saint Laurent suit that appeared in his haute couture collection. It was this dress that made a revolution in fashion and marked the age of women’s emancipation. Yves Saint Laurent – Smoking Forever, which was set up from October 2005 to April 2006 at Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé Foundation, is dedicated to his suits and their cultural, fashion and sociological importance.

The suits were embraced by great artistic icons Niki de Saint Phalle, Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Hardy, while Bianca Jagger married Mick Jagger in just one such Yves Saint Laurent suits in 1971. Although in recent years there has been a revival of the fashion of the ’80s, a slightly calmer variant of suits as the direct heir of such aesthetics combined with the Scandinavian sense of fashion and this sophisticated minimalism dominated the fashion scene.

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