Buttoned through collars | The first association on a business combination is a suit
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The first association on a business combination is a suit

The first association on a business combination is a suit

Jackets and pants are the basis of a business outfit, and for years they have undergone numerous changes.

Various textures and patterns, pantyhose trousers and high waistband, a selection of women’s suits is varied, and suits carry a number of powerful women showbiz. We do not have to combine these combinations with shoes and salons only, the fashion is more and more focused on comfort, and we can combine a strict suit with casual sneakers.

Inspire yourself with fashion combinations with Instagram, and we bring you a choice from the current store offer.

At the turn of the decade, most women in their wardrobe had only a classic black suit with their pants as a safe option for every occasion. Now, there is a whole range of variations on the topic, and almost every designer has made an effort to find a place for a suit in his collection.

Narrow trousers of cut cigarettes wear high heels, and the length of the trousers should reach slightly above the ankles so that they remain visible. The jacket should be wider, pointed shoulders.

Lace and silk blouses will soften the uniformity of the suits, and you will make them sporty if they are combined in a simple T-shirt.

The color of ivory, white coffee, cocoa or bare-gray is the best choice for spring colors.

For an alternate look, combine trousers and jackets of non-matching colors and / or patterns.

Put in a good strap that you will swipe over the jacket.

A great letter-handbag will give your dress a more glamorous look for the evening edition.

Women’s suits of men’s dress fit perfectly with classic ‘men’s’ shoes, so-called. brogues, and you can combine them with a slightly firmer ballerina.

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