Buttoned through collars | There are so many women’s suits that you can choose from
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There are so many women’s suits that you can choose from

There are so many women’s suits that you can choose from

A classic suit that consists of pants and suits, or a variation with a skirt below or above the knee, narrow jacket and wide pants, or shorts to the upper ankle and short jacket.

If your problem-free zone hips are great, you will be able to enjoy wide bangs with a tight and interesting shirt. Do you have a problem with your belly. choose relatively deep flat trousers and combine them with a fluttering shirt and a matching suede. The sleeves will fix the silhouette, and the flutter in the middle will create the illusion of movement and ease, even if the shirt is monochrome.

Do we hear that in this case a call for a great brochure? If you have long legs and beautifully shaped sheets, choose a women’s skirt with a skirt: we do not recommend choosing a skirt, but look for the one that is longer but nice to follow the body line. An excellent pencil skirt to the lower knees embedded in a colorful shirt and raised hair are a great business look.

Choose yourself, try several models in different colors. It is great to choose a classic suit in an unusual color. Try eg indigo color or powder color. play with the mat and glittering pieces. Or buy a pair of unusual crochet jackets, but in a more classic color. A perfect blend of creativity and seriousness.

We do not recommend choosing, for example, a bright yellow suit that is clasped on its back with a purple zipper. It may look great but inappropriate to the situation and could work seriously. So our advice is either experimenting with color or shape, not at all simultaneously. Stay beautiful, competent and smart.

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